Body Treatments

A wide selection of immensely relaxing seaweed and aromatherapy treatments that have simultaneous effects on the body by slimming, detoxifying and hydrating the epidermis and using re-mineralizing properties to help redefine your body’s contours. Your body is gently exfoliated, wrapped in aromatic seaweed and essential oils and then cocooned in a body spa blanket.

Not suitable while pregnant.

French Gommage Sea Glow

25 mins. – $60 This exfoliating treatment removes dead skin cells, helps the skin absorb nutrients more efficiently and creates a smooth glowing appearance. ... Read More

Marine Lipo Contour Body Masque

50 mins. – $95 This feel-good-look-great treatment involves a full body application of our iodine rich seaweed body masque. This specially formulated masque is easily absorbed by the skin and fu... Read More

Cloud 9 Body Wrap

50 mins. – $95 Enjoy a wide section of immensely relaxing seaweed and aromatherapy treatments. Our body wrap therapies offer simultaneous purification effects on the body: while slimming, detoxi... Read More